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With our Advanced Distribution-Management-Software we are developing a modern and flexible Plattform with a full range of service for monitoring, control, analysis and planing:

Core-Services for Grid Monitoring and Automation: Further Analysis tools and auxillary services:
- Fault location, Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR) - System Analysis (State, Capacity, Connectivity, Contingency)
- Volt/Volt-Ampere Reactive Optimization - Mobile Workforce Management
- Grid Monitoring - Online-Powerflow
- Smart Curtailment and Demand Response Management - Outage Management
- Optimal Grid Reconfiguration - Extension planing
  - Archivement

We join the classical Grid Management, SCADA-Systems as well as Outage and Energy Management into a unified solution, that can be run either in the cloud or on customer-provided servers. A webbased user interface allows system access from every device with a browser. A secure connection as well as data processing and storage are our highest priorities. 

Introduction to the Monitoring Unit


The usage of the listed services results in a number of benefits, that help to overcome the biggest challenges of the Energiewende and the decentralized generation and feed-in of renewable energies:

- Improved investment control for grid extensions
- Prolonged live of grid equipment
- Reduction in curtailment compensation payment for reduced feed-in
- Cost reduction by advanced and optimized maintenance
- Secured grid operation in legal limits
- Improved forecast of grid load and energy requirement
- Improved efficiency and reduced line losses

Next to the Software-Plattform we will also offer the required sensor-, actor- and communication hardware. In its core the hardware consists of a low-cost, modulare, configurable plattform, that can be adjusted to specific needs. 

Implementation steps

The system can be introduces and extended in 3 steps:

Step 1 - Basic substation monitoring

Use only the existing measurements and offer a software platform for visualizing relevant performance indices

Step 2 - Substation monitoring with higher resolution and feeder monitoring

With further measurements a more detailed and accurate view of the grid operation status can be shown

Step 3 - Grid automation

Additional control units allow the partly or total automation of flexible loads, generation units and controlable grid components. 

Further details

 The configurable graphic presentation focuses on a clear presentation of the most important content. The status is display with a traffic light system. For occuring events that require some action we will show action options, if possible.

For the proactive operation of the grid we include not only the weather forecast, but further events that influence the operation, like solar eclipse, strike and festivals.

The data converging in the background is permanently analysed to generate proposals for optimization of the grid operation and extension.

The full grid can be entered and visualized in the integrated geographical information system (GIS).