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Artur Löwen - Founder, CEO - a...[at]gridhound.de (click to reveal)
Artur Loewen In 2001, Artur Löwen finished his 3-years training as “Computer Science Expert for Application Development“. He then worked at Stöhr+Sauer as a software developer on database-powered CAD applications (like Helios 3D) and 3D Visualisations before joining the Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems (ACS) at RWTH Aachen University in 2013. At ACS, he was working on Multi-Agent-Systems, Embedded Systems, Data Protocols, Data Processing Automation and Cloud Computing.

Professor Antonello Monti - Founder, Visionary
Antonello MontiProfessor Antonello Monti received M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy in 1989 and 1994. From 1990 to 1994, he was with the Research Laboratory, Ansaldo Industria, Milan. In 1995, he joined the Department of Electrical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, and in 2000 the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of South Carolina. He is currently Director of the Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems, E.ON Energy Research Center, at RWTH Aachen University.

Nicole Gerlach - Business Development and Marketing
Nicole Gerlach 120x154Nicole Gerlach received her degree (“Diplom-Kauffrau”) in business administration at RWTH Aachen University in 2007 with "Corporate Policy and Marketing" and "Technology- and Innovation-Management" as her primary subjects. She has an extensive and international experience from her work at several companies and in the public sector, focusing on the set-up, marketing and successful distribution of complex products and services.

Helmut Vor - Software-Developer
Helmut Vor 120x154Helmut Vor has received his Computer Science Diploma in 2000 from RWTH Aachen University. He worked for more than 20 years as a Software Developer, with responsibilities in Software quality management and others, on Pre- and Postprocessing for CAE Systems for the simulation of materials processing at ACCESS e.V., a research association of the RWTH Aachen University and as project expert and project manager at Computational Materials Engineering (CME, RWTH Aachen Univ.) and the Institute of Mineral Engineering (GHI, RWTH Aachen Univ.).

Ricardo Hernandez Montoya - Software Systems Engineer
rhernandezRicardo Hernandez-Montoya is specialized in DevOps, Web and Cloud technologies. He received his B.Sc. degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering in 2012 from ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico and his M.Sc. degree in Software Systems Engineering in 2016 from RWTH Aachen University, Germany. He has 2 years of work experience in Web and mobile application development following agile practices.

Behzad Zargar - Electrical Power Engineer
bezhad zargarBehzad Zargar received his B.Sc. degree in electrical power engineering from Islamic Azad University of Najafabad, Iran in 2009 and his M.Sc. degree in the same field from RWTH Aachen University, Germany in 2015. From 2016 to 2017, he was a researcher at TU Delft, Netherlands. Since 2017 he has been a research associate at RWTH Aachen University and working at Gridhound as an electrical engineer. His work and research has been mainly focused on monitoring techniques for power distribution systems, grid integration of renewable energy, and control of power systems.

Mohsen Ferdowsi - Founder, Adviser
Mohsen FerdowsiMohsen Ferdowsi received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in electrical engineering from University of Tehran, Iran in 2007 and 2009, respectively. From 2009 to 2011, he was a research associate at Technische Universität Berlin, Germany. Since 2012, he has been a research associate at RWTH Aachen University, Germany where he is working toward his Ph.D. degree. His work and research has been mainly focused on studying the impacts of distributed energy resources on distribution and transmission power networks and the monitoring techniques for distribution systems.

Professor Andrea Benigni - Founder, Adviser
Andrea BenigniProfessor Andrea Benigni received his Ph.D. from RWTH-Aachen University in 2013 and his M.Sc. and B.Sc. from Politecnico di Milano in 2008 and 2005 respectively. From 2009 to 2013 he worked as Research Associate at the Institute for Automation of Complex Power System, E.ON Energy Research Center, RWTH-Aachen University, Aachen, Germany. He is currently an Assistant Professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of South Carolina, Columbia (SC), USA.