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Our services - the Digitalization of grids

Energy systems, software and AI, we are laying the foundation for digitalization in the distribution grid.

We have creativity and drive developments.

The gridhound team is happy to support you with various engineering services in project management, data quality management, data analytics, grid planning and control. With our expertise in power system engineering, software development and AI, we focus primarily on the medium and low-voltage levels. The focus is on integrating your experts into the projects with as little effort as possible.
Feel free to take a look at our software solution.

Energy transition with passion

Project Management

Our project managers structure, plan and control your projects. With our experience from many projects in research and industry, we look back on a wealth of experience, which we gladly put at your service. We lead your projects to the goal.

Data Quality Management

Our team integrates, evaluates and completes grid, measurement and master data from different systems and creates a consistent overall data set that is then available for further processing.

Strategic grid planning - grid studies

Our team performs power grid simulations for a wide variety of scenarios. Together with you, we define the scenarios, from the assumptions to the goals to be achieved. The scenarios start with the simulated use of grid-serving storage and go all the way to the simulation of future grid structures.

Strategic grid planning - design of future grid structures

Our team will be happy to support you in designing future grid structures. Together we develop a smart distribution grid according to your ideas and requirements.

Strategic grid planning - support for the creation of a digital twin

Our project engineers support you in creating a digital twin. gridhound already has several modules for a digital twin in its portfolio and can connect them to other systems.

Strategic grid planning - development of your future system architecture

Our project engineers bring in their experience to work with you on a future system architecture for your metering, grid planning and operations management.

System integration - implementation of new processing steps

Our software developers implement new processing steps and thus relieve your specialists.

System integration - Interfaces

Our software developers develop new interfaces or adapt existing interfaces to integrate gridhound software into your system architecture.

System integration - Automation

gridhounds software developers automate entire process chains for automated data processing. These can be simple, manually triggered processes or continuous real-time near real-time data processing.

System integration - Architecture

gridhounds experts design an IT system architecture for your needs that fits the size of your business.