Rockstart Smart Energy Accelerator

Gridhound is part of the Rockstart Smart Energy Accelerator Program!

The official nomination of this year’s participants is still pending, but we are pleased to announce in advance that we will be there.

About Rockstart

Rockstart was founded in Amsterdam in 2011 with the aim of providing start-ups with access to the market, capital, knowledge and community. Since then, Rockstart has specialized in building entire ecosystems around specific areas such as Digital Health, Smart Energy and Artificial Intelligence. Rockstart is an international team of more than 40 people dedicated to supporting and developing start-ups to become scalable and turn their world around for the better. Until today, Rockstart has invested in more than 100 start-ups, helping them to raise more than 62 million euros and employ more than 630 people.

“We’re extremely happy to have Gridhound in our accelerator program. Their tech is world-class and super relevant for tomorrow’s distribution grids. We’re keen to boost their commercial growth and finding the best investors for them.”

Freerk Bisschop, Program Director Smart Energy

Gridhound´s Goals

After the first successful field tests in Germany and from our EU projects, we want to use the Rockstart Accelerator and its network to identify and take into account the challenges of the energy transition in general and the needs of distribution grid operators throughout Europe in particular. With our products SeAn (Sensitivity Analysis) and MoSES (Monitoring, State Estimation and Services), which require only a minimum number of measurements and thus also only a minimum number of hardware in the grid, based on a machine learning approach, we can provide the necessary observability in the distribution network for the integration of further renewable energies and further consumers, e.g. from the area of e-mobility. On the basis of this information, the network operators can relieve the network, guarantee a secure power supply and plan the expansion based on facts.

Artur Löwen about participating in the Rockstart Accelerator:

I am happy to have been selected with Gridhound from over 60 start-ups and to discuss our topic with the expert mentors and the network of Rockstart. Today’s energy supply is on the verge of collapse; without intelligent grid control, which can only become intelligent through the observability of the grids, the energy transition is in danger. I think that with decreasing storage prices, power storage represents an important building block in the overall concept of intelligent grid control. Nevertheless, this intelligence cannot be achieved without innovative software solutions and other modules. Here I am also looking forward to the exchange with the other start-ups from the program.