Gridhound participates in the 3-month: agile accelerator powered by E.ON!

After Gridhound had already been able to benefit from the one-week :agile accelerator Launchpad with Google Developers in July, the start-up of CEO and energy-revolutionary Artur Löwen was selected for the subsequent 3-month accelerator phase.

The :agile accelerator powered by E.ON already started internally to promote new business ideas to E.ON in May 2013, but was opened in October 2014 for external participants. The acceleration of innovation by the accelerator is triggered through various coachings and trainings as well as the concentrated knowledge from the energy sector which is an excellent opportunity for Gridhound to sharpen the business model and advance its montoring project.

The results will be presented at “demo-day” on November 30th, where achievements from the :agile accelerator powered by E.ON will be presented and future steps will be discussed.