ADMS – SmartGrid Active Distribution Management System is an EU project that goes far beyond the current state of the art and will help distribution companies to better manage their distribution networks, increasing the penetration of renewable energy sources to achieve lower CO2 emission targets.
Gridhound is introducing its grid monitoring, forecasting and control tools, which were developed together with RWTH Aachen, one of the most prestigious engineering schools for power supply systems in Europe.
The system supports the existing grid management systems in the low and medium voltage net and also offers a cost-effective roll-out option, a precise prediction and real-time monitoring of the entire network status can be carried out with only little measurements, where only a few sensors being used.
ADMS is a Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) project designed to bring an operational product to market within 3 years using the commercial channels of the project leader ALTEA. The ADMS supports the 2,400 Distribution System Operators (DSOs) in Europe in the active management of renewable energies (RES), enabling a 25% increase in RES on existing distribution networks, 20% improvement in network stability and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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